Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.

Oh, Comedy Central, you shouldn't have.
As you know, I've talked about cultural apportion and this new trending word “Trans-racial”. I have written about this in years. I've even been called a sellout by “street” white people to boot. So, I sort of agree with this song, but it is so poorly written. And, I love 3rd Base, and hate that he has to be a part of this song because he is a good rapper.  MC Serch, why are you here?
Get the same message across, but with better writing. You don't hit them over the head with an hammer, but slide it in with smarter writing. (That sounded more nasty than I intended.)
As Chris Ray Gunn said, they seem to be biting the style of Epic Rap Battles, but without the talent or good writing. Maybe this is a poor man's tribute to ERB?

Moldylocks and the seven hipsters.

This all happened at that Berkeley attack/battle. This is where a bunch of assholes on both sides battled it out to see who was going to be the bigger asshole.
God bless the Internet. They come up with the most meme-able names. They called the dreadlocks white girl that got punched Moldylocks. Brilliant. Given the way she dresses, in vintage clothes and a head full of dreadlocks, she probably smells like your grandmother's basement where she keeps all her old things. She smells moldy and dusty clothes from the 70s.
I think the guy that punched her was a major d-bag. And, he showed his true nature by running away. Dude, she is a tiny lady. Plus, I have seen interviews with the guy and I really can't say I like him. I would never have a dinner with this bloke that's for sure. Enough white knighting.
She isn't a hero either. There are unconfirmed reports of her throwing bottles into the crowds before the punch. Snopes goes through the incident fairly well.
Somehow, she manage to set up a funding page despite the fact she comes from a wealthy family. She first asked for 80k for medical bills and then lowered it considerably. She then lowered it to 45K, which is still way too much. I find that “getting rich off your own movement” to be very low. Besides, she's probably make more money from her “real” job.
Like that other people on the Internet, Moldylock has a past...a porn past. She showed up in some fetish porn sites based on hairy women. I am not making this up. I don't recommend you watch those videos either. I am warning you. I am all for porn and all, but it seems like EVERYONE is a former porn star except for me. Perhaps, I need to start my own porn past.

This is supposedly what she looked like years ago before her "backslide".  What happened? 

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion

Geth VI: We are NOT Legion
I was discussing the fact that ME3 has branch-off points where substitute characters take the place of the main characters if they died in the last part of ME2. These substitute characters are generally more distance to your crew in ME3. The best example is Geth VI. He is a direct replacement for Legion if he died in ME2. Yet, he is different and he doesn't like to be called Legion.
What I found interesting is Geth VI is very distance to Shep. He almost hates the fact that they keep calling him Legion.  He seems to hold a grudge against Shep for letting Legion die.  
If Legion died amd Geth VI is there, there will be no option for peace between the  Quarians  and the Geth. It is fairly depressing. Legion has a softer side to him than Geth VI in ME3.
Side Note: Here is the renegade “peace” between the Geth and Quarians .

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?

Mass Effect 2: The Best Renegade interrupt?
I love the Krogan race, but even they have blowhards in their ranks. While the interrupt is a bit mean, it does help you out when you kill this speaker. You won’t have to a powerful enemy to fight in the battle . I also like that he calls out to his men to avenge him for being roasted in a fire. He speaks as the flames engulf his body and he is dying. Damn, the Krogan are tough.
If you look closely, one Krogan starts to back up away from the Clan Speaker. That is a nice touch.

How many people press this renegade interrupt?

Bike Lock Attacker

Bike Lock Attacker
It looks like 4 and 8 Chan found the a-hole that hit the Trump supporter with that bike lock. Get this; this guy is a Professor. Allegedly! He was identified using eye matches and backpack straps. Even the boots gave him away. This amazes and scares me at the same time. 4Chan has being using everything in the universe to match track things down. Remember the Shia thing?
I also like that he is an ethics professor. They even looked at his damn OK Cupid profile. Damn you, internet. I know I have tons of dirt floating the internet so I hope I don’t hit someone with a bike lock. BTW, those U-Lock locks are built to be super strong. To hit someone over the head with a lock like this is intending to do some major harm. I own one of those locks. (BTW, please use those locks to lock up your bikes.)

Should he lose his job? Nope. We need more discussion on debate and protest and hurting people that don't agree with us.
Should he be charged? If there is clear evidence. I just don't think the police are interested in arrested anyone at this time.
There has been very little news on this story, which I find interesting. There is a report that the school he worked for has “distanced” itself from him despite any clear evidence.
From DVC Inquirer ((According to an email sent out from DVC interim​ president Ted Wieden, “The adjunct faculty member that has been alleged to have committed this crime is NOT currently teaching at DVC.” ))
Someone probably told him, “Yeah, we'll have someone else teach your classes this summer. Take a break or something.”
Side Note: Never attack anyone with a pink shirt. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
-Short Story will be locked by the end of Sunday Night: I will be locking my short story at the end of the weekend. I have a lot on my plate this weekend because there is the Thunder Over Louisville, but I also have to put the final touches on my short story. Then I have to start looking for a place to submit my story. I know I will get rejected, but I want to try to get some rejection letters and feedback. But, I also want to work on a full fictional story as well as a few non-fiction ones too.

-The Rock & Statham working on a Fast and Furious spin-off: Look, I love The Rock and I do like a lot of Statham's work. I could see a fighting/racing style spin-off working. People will flock to the theater of both of them. Despite being rivals, the characters work well together. I really think The Rock's character helped the F&F franchise. I still haven't seen the F&F movie yet. I know I am behind, but I am busy.
-Watching movies at home: Speaking of that, I've been more into watching movies at home than in the theaters. I used to see everything in the theaters. I know I look strange going on Friday nights by myself when everyone else is out on date night, but I generally go everywhere alone from dinning to movie watching. When I did go on dates to the theater, I was more into the movie than that date. That probably explains why I am still single.
However, I haven't been flocking to the theater as much lately. I've found more satisfaction watching movies at home. I've even enjoyed the movies more than on the big screen.  I find my enjoyment at home than the theater. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Rick and Morty: And, that Mulan Szechuan sauce

Yep, I watched the first episode of R&M and I loved the remarks to the McDonald's Mulan special with the nuggets. The show is known for these sort of things thanks to Dan Harmon.
The sauce was a promotional tie-in with the Mulan movie that came out almost 20 years ago from Disney. I was a huge fan of the movie back in the day, but knew nothing about the tie-in nuggets and sauce. Damn, 98 is such a long time ago.
They should bring back these kids all grown up and angry just for the lulz.
Now, it seems pop culture and reality have cross paths. People are demanding that McDonald's bring back the sauce due to the pop culture rise of it being mentioned in R&M. How funny is that? From reference to meme to reality.
From Chicago Times, ((Rick and Morty” fans are petitioning for the sauce to be brought back, watching tutorials about how to make it and tweeting at McDonald’s to consider adding the dip back to the menu — a move that might be well-timed with a live-action “Mulan” coming to theaters in 2018. ))
McDonald's had mentioned they're looking into it. I just hope they bring it out much, much earlier than 2018 when the live movie comes out.
Not everybody is pleased with this news though. There are certain people that are calling this whole thing Problematic ™ . Here's the thing Disney went out of their way to cast an Asian cast in most of the roles for the movie. And, it has a strong female character to boot. Yet,there is still an issue. Whatever. Okay, shut up and sit in a corner please. We want our Mulan sauce.
I only go to McDonald's for the breakfast stuff, but I'd be willing to buy some nuggets with some Mulan sauce.
Can't wait for McDonald's to make it for you? Make it yourself.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

With its bland and weak premise, ID4:R is not a fun movie to sit through. Despite being filmed recently, it looks and sounds like a movie from the 90s than a natural progression to the 90s action movie style. The script is clearly pieced together from of different ID4 sequel scripts over the years with some meddling from the studio to make the movie an even more of a shit show. The movie feels uneven and unfocused unlike the first movie.
Almost nothing works in favor of this movie. Nothing emotionally compares to the sight of our cities getting flattened by those giant ships. Instead, we get one giant ship looming over the entire planet. It doesn't have that same feeling. Where is the build up like the first half of the the original movie?
Let's go bigger, but forget about the character moments from the first movie. The movie amounts to nothing but putting some fresh faces in front of us.
-Director Roland Emmerich has gotten worst: He is the left-leaning Michael Bay of disaster movies. Somehow, he went from being a fairly good action/sci-fi director into a hacked director that makes poorly made disaster movies. This movie has more in common with Bay's lazy Transformers movies than Roland's older works like Stargate and ID4.
-The Kids in a subplot is the worst: Someone decided to add a group of annoying kids on a bus into the plot of this already bloated movie. Why? Judd Hirsch is also part of this plot. And, he is even more annoying and useless than his part in the first movie. None of this is important to the movie at all. Then, they shoehorned in the bus of kids into the final act of the movie for no other purpose but to put the kids in jeopardy. They had nothing else to put Hirsch in but having to drive kids across the country? What was the point?
-Let's make sure to shove aside all the older characters: Yeah, let us then focus in on the far less interesting cast of younger characters. This focus to the young cast reveals the bigger problem with the movie. The young actors playing the new character are boring. Sure, they look good, but they are only a step above a CW cast. Who are these people?
-Cheaper than the first one: Despite the upgrades in CGI technology, the movie looks fairly bad from a CGI level. The first movie looked a lot of better. The space battles don't have the same frantic feel and look as the first movie and that's a shame.
-Will Smith is missed: Smith, at his prime, was a charming type of leading man. He brought a lot of coolness and charm to the role. And, I would have loved to have seen a seasoned Will Smith Character leading the armed forces. However, they couldn't afford Smith's price tag and I don't think he was that interested in showing up in the sequel.
-Dr. Brakish Okun : Brent Spiner returns? Yep. Okay, he died in the first movie, but this sequel retconned his death into a coma. He was asleep for 20 years. Whatever, movie. He wakes up when the aliens returning to Earth. I really like Brent Spiner in his greatly expanded role and he is the best thing about this crazy mess. He is having a lot of fun with the role.
-Vivica A. Fox blink and you'll miss her: Why not have a bigger part for her? She is starring in Cool Cat videos, so she has some time on her hands to show up fully in the movie. Her character is a stripper turned doctor thus giving all strippers hope. Spoiler Alert: She dies within the second act after only having minutes on screen. Her death seems cheap.
-Retconned the Alien motive: The reason they came to Earth was to tap our core. What? Aren't there other planets without living creatures that could fight back with cores? That was an issue in the first movie that they tried to patch up that plot hole with this new reveal. It is a cheap reason for the aliens to attack our planet.
For a movie that has a bunch of action scenes, the movie is very boring. It has a boring collection of actors and characters while the more interesting ones are pushed aside. The special effects are that well constructed and the pacing is painful to get through. Just skip this movie and watch the first ID4 movie.

Grade: D-

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mad Catz RIP

Mad Catz RIP
I really loved their products. I had a few of their PlayStation controllers. But, yeah, Mad Catz is done. I guess the Band 4 thing blew up in their face. And, I guess their products were lacking in recent years.
I still have some of their PS1 and PS2 controllers somewhere buried in boxes.

I'm guessing someone might buy the name and reboot the products under a different owner. However, it is another gaming company that was part of the gaming culture over and done with.   

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chris Chan today...

Chris Chan today...
Oh, boy. Yes, he/she has completely lost his mind. Yes, he considers himself a woman with a receding hairline and a 5'o clock shadow. He needs to be mental help and fast before his mother dies. When his father died, I think he lost any sense he had left.
-I love that he still kind of hates men and gay men too. The interviewer does mention the racism Mr. Chan had earlier in his life.
-He does mention his famous brother and his anger toward his brother.
-He doesn't know anything about Black Lives Matter: Thus, he lives in his own fictional world.
-Oppressed: Doesn't know what that means.
-He regrets the Sonic Boom protest: Yeah, it put him in jail.   

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